We take your issue straight to the voters and conduct winning public engagement campaigns that allow you to drive policy from the ground up. Putting you back in control.

We believe “Data Drives Decisions” — which is why we make decisions that are fact based and data analytic driven. We work diligently to collect and provide real-time data in order for your campaign to make the right decisions in terms of messaging and strategy.


We direct corporate engagement campaigns. Whether you go it alone or enlist industry allies, we are the general contractor who builds successful campaigns from the ground up.

We provide clients with grassroots initiatives designed to support traditional lobbying efforts, a 24/7 early warning system about what is happening across the country and a roadmap to how to generate multiple layers of support for your initiatives.

Full service offerings include:

  • Public Relations Campaigns
  • Media Relations
  • Digital Advocacy
  • Contact your Legislature Campaigns (Phone, Email, Digital)


From gathering signatures to managing the campaign that follows a successful ballot access effort, we know how to turn today’s legislative dysfunction into an opportunity.

Increasingly corporations and advocacy groups are taking their issue straight to the voters and bypassing the legislative process. The principals at HBS+ know how to develop ballot blueprints and influence campaigns that give control back to our clients. Our team has qualified ballot initiatives in almost every initiative and referendum state in the nation and can work through the complexities of the process for successful results.

Meghan Cox is a leader in the ballot access industry, and is routinely called upon as a ‘ballot witness expert’ due to extensive knowledge and practice in the field. Through HBS+, we can help your team get an issue on the ballot: whether it’s at a statewide or municipal or county level. We also craft campaigns that are both ‘pay by the hour’ or ‘pay by the signature’ depending on statewide laws in your given state. We have deep experience in understanding the intricacies and working with legal teams in order to ensure we are in 100% compliance. We are with you through the entire process, from our rapid team deployment of trusted field operatives, verifying signatures through our exclusive proprietary validation software – we get you on the ballot. And then we WIN.


Our affiliated company, HBS, leverages its unique multi-state and federal government capabilities to deliver end-to-end government affairs solutions that help solve the toughest challenges clients face.


Our full suite of grassroots services provides clients:

  • Voter Turnout Operations (Phones, Digital, Canvass, Mail)
  • Paid Canvass Programs (Voter ID, Persuasion Campaigns, GOTV)
  • Planning and Zoning Canvass Operations
  • Letter Writing Campaigns

Our firm is built for today’s political environment. Our strategies influence culture while building business value.

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